Friday, May 13, 2005

American Life Changes

This Sunday, May 15, is Retired Ministers Sunday in the UMC. The North Texas Reporter featured a column by retired minister Rev. John Brand. American Life Changes.

Here is a snip from the column:

During the McCarthy era, Americans began seeing enemies behind every rock and in every nook and cranny. Respect for the rule of law was replaced with decisions expressing personal judicial bias based on litmus tests administered before appointments. Belief in capitalism gave way to an economy embracing opportunistic materialism.
Now conspicuous consumption replaces righteousness. Character and integrity assume second place to the size of one's bank account, the value of one's fiscal portfolio and stock options. The poor steadily become poorer. The Middle Class has a hard time making ends meet. The wealthy become even wealthier. For the rich, too much is never enough.
Statesmanship is replaced with the influence of lobbyists peddling the myopic interests of their masters. The people's needs for representative government is replaced by monied lords buying the government. Biblical justice is stifled with a shallow, selfish sentimentalism

Please go and read the rest of what this 81 year old retired Methodist pastor has to say.

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