Monday, May 09, 2005

We interrupt this diversion...

Interrupting the flow to say that Garrison Keillor has it just about almost exactly right:

I don't worry about the right-wingers on AM radio. They are talking to an audience that is stuck in rush-hour traffic, in whom road rage is mounting, and the talk shows divert their rage from the road to the liberal conspiracy against America. Instead of ramming your rear bumper, they get mad at Harry Reid. Yes, the wingers do harm, but the worst damage is done to their own followers, who are cheated of the sort of genuine experience that enables people to grow up.
I don't worry about the wingers on AM radio, either. I do worry about James Dobson and Pat Robertson, but only because they are trying to seize their moment before it passes, and do serious damage to the country, to me and mine. But the response is to make sure the Democrats know whose behind them, and whose side they are supposed to be on.

Grown ups will, eventually, take care of the rest.

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