Monday, May 23, 2005

Oedipus Wrecks

With thanks to Holden for directing me here:
PRESIDENT BUSH: ....The truth of the matter -- another way we can help is to diversify the agricultural sector, which leads to a subject that we spent some time on, and that is opium and poppies. As you know, there are -- there's too much poppy cultivation in Afghanistan. And I made it very clear to the President that this is -- that we have got to work together to eradicate poppy crop. And the President, not only in this meeting but in other meetings, has been very forthcoming about the desire to eradicate poppy. And as a matter of fact, according to a United Nations' report, there is less poppy today than the previous year.
Freudian analysts around the world have all been simultaneously reduced to spluttering and pointing.

In an hour or so, they'll regain enough self-control to join in a chorus of: "I TOLD YOU SO!"

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