Tuesday, May 17, 2005


This has become my favorite line, because it reminds me of Rummy today, shocked and outraged that Newsweek would go to press with poorly sourced and badly corroborated "intelligence."

Er, excuse me, journalism.

Good thing no government would ever do such a thing. Why, we might get into a war with a country that we thought was a threat, only to find out our information was worthless, and we were thrown a "Curveball," and nothing the government told the people turned out to be true, and thousands of Americans would die, and tens of thousands be wounded, and hundreds of thousands of civilians dead, and a country in complete collapse with chaos and bloodshed and death and mayhem, and...

...well, anyway, it's a good thing that never happened, huh?

Now getting back to Newsweek and its responsibilities.....

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