Wednesday, April 26, 2017


It's time to call it:  Donald Trump is a lame duck President.

His first 100 days is almost over.  Arbitrary that deadline may be, but Trump himself bragged incessantly about what he would do with it before he became President.  All he managed was to get a seat on the Supreme Court filled, an empty slot that made Barack Obama a lame duck for the last year of his Presidency.  Trump is topping that:  he'll be a lame duck for four years.

His complete inability to get the repeal of the ACA through even the House was the first sign.  Now he's had three executive orders suspended by the courts (his own DOJ didn't even try to defend his order on "sanctuary cities"), and his threat to set himself on fire if the Congress didn't give him at least $1 billion for his border wall was so thoroughly ignored by the Senate it's clear now that august body wouldn't cross the street to piss on him if he were....well, on fire.  And his tax "reform" plan?  DOA.

Stick a fork in him, he's done.

He flip-flopped on the whole "border wall" issue in one day more furiously than a landed bass.  He told conservative media he was going to fold like a cheap suit (even Rush Limbaugh believed it), then insisted that report was "fake news!", even as Kellyanne Conway said it was true and then Sean Spicer, the human wind sock, went before the press to say it was kinda sorta maybe true, but it's fake news if you say I said so.

And the Senate completely ignored him, and the Congress is set to fund the government by Friday so that no calamity occurs.  And Donald Trump?  He didn't bring the gasoline, or the matches; word is he's not getting around so well anymore.

Gonna be a long four years......

ADDING:  yeah, Trump's a lame duck.  It's what everybody is saying (I mean, if you have to tell Congress you're a player?).  You heard it here first.

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