Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Small man with small stick speaks very loudly, says nothing.

Like Turkey did, for invading Syria?

This is not a threat, it's empty bluster.  Remember when you threw missiles into Syria?  And then Syria realized you weren't going to do it again?  As even you admit, most of the security at the embassy is due to Iraq (as it should be).  And, just like Benghazi, you're sending in a similar number of troops after the trouble is over.

Did they drag you off the golf course for this?  Or away from your phone, since the incident happened much earlier today, and you found time to send out several tweets about Pelosi and comments on FoxNews?

The attacks on the embassy started today; but it was almost 8 hours between Trump's first tweet and his declaration that this isn't Benghazi.
Little man with little stick speaking loudly, not saying anything at all.

 Is North Korea going to "pay a very BIG PRICE!", too?

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