Saturday, December 28, 2019

This is the language

...of Timothy McVeigh; of Dylann Roof; of any Neo-Nazi group preparing for a "race war." I think it was even the motivation of the killer who drove to El Paso to shoot "Mexicans" (never understood why he didn't just look around Dallas. People of Mexican ancestry gave been here since the battle of San Jacinto.).

Not that these people aren't dangerous, but the primary danger is that they think the man in the Oval Office is one of theirs. I don't think he is, because Donald Trump is only for Donald Trump. The civil war or race war they expect us not coming, nor is the defeat of Donald Trump going to trigger it. If anyone, in the end, is responsible for this danger, we the people are. We have abandoned all effort at building a nation, content to pursue our own selfish interests, deluding ourselves that "the market" and "enlightened self-interest" (which is just a comforting euphemism for "selfishness") will take of everything for us. "O machine! O machine!"

The nature of our democracy is that "we the people" are responsible. That means we are also our brother's keeper, and we carry the burden of the dangerous idiots among us. Ignoring them, leaving their danger to the police, tolerating them because "you can't fix stupid," is not a choice we have. If we are the government, then we are responsible for public safety, and chalking these dangerous idiots up to "the price of freedom" is no more defensible than trading childrens' lives for the "freedom" to "keep and bear arms."

We gotta get better at this. If the last 3 years have taught us anything, they've taught us that much.

Here is a fine example of exploiting the "inside/outside" argument. We can't eliminate the idea; but we can make our public figures pay a price for trading in it.
Surely Sen. Rubio has better uses for his public platform.

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