Friday, December 20, 2019

"In Case of Emergency...."

Classic law review material.  A matter which will never get to the courts, never be ruled on by a judge, and never matter a whit to any individual, and a discussion that has all the power of a gnat's fart in a hurricane

I especially like the appeal to British jurisprudence and the House of Lords.  Even though the states of this country (well, except Louisiana) adopted the common law of England (most of which has been supplanted by statutory law in this country, but some reasoning from Mother England still enters legal opinions of the courts on this side of the Pond), Constitutional law especially has never been bound by, or particularly influenced by, British custom, tradition, or precedent.  That's classic law review material, there.  It's also called "when all else fails, break glass."

Whatever argument Trump's lawyers will try to make in the court of public opinion will have the same authority.

Too bad Twitter doesn't count for academic purposes, eh?

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