Friday, December 20, 2019

The Beam in Your Own Eye

I noticed this; but this:
Overstates the CT editorial grotesquely.
It's not that I require absolute condemnation of Donald Trump, but I can't have common moral cause with someone who thinks a man like Donald Trump is capable of doing any good before now. The CT editorial rests on the acts Trump was impeached for; nothing he did before that is as reproachable.   Not cheating on his multiple wives; not "grab 'em by the pussy!"; not stealing from a charity (an actual crime in the book of Acts!); not caging people seeking our help and humanity.  Nothing.  Even this is a more trenchant critique of Trump on the grounds cited in the CT editorial:
And nothing in the CT editorial even begins to look at the beam in that magazine's eye. Which is always the starting point for any Christian moral reflection.

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