Sunday, July 26, 2020

"Do I Repeat Myself? Very Well Then, I Repeat Myself"

A weekend where the government paid Trump's golf course to house and feed Secret Service agents.  Yeah, after this weekend he'll start acting more "Presidential."

Oh, and after that tweet!

Well, after that one, too.  Trust me.  The change in tone is going to be EPIC! (are the kids still saying that?)

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  1. The American "news" media is irredeemable without making them accountable through the possibility of them being sued for slander and libel and regulations that require them to serve the pubic interest, things like the Fairness Doctrine, the things that the libertarian interpretation of "free speech - free press" have destroyed. That both Reagan and Trump are creatures of entertainment media as it mixed with the "journalism side" is no accident, it is some of the strongest evidence of where the rot was introduced. And how.