Sunday, July 26, 2020

This Makes Absolutely NO F*cking Sense At All

The parents complaining/concerned about school openings are concerned about the health of their children.  Teachers are concerned about their own health.  The counties in Texas who have ordered school openings to delay are concerned about public health.

Meadows and Mnuchin, unsurprisingly, are concerned about money.  The longer people go unemployed, the more even the wheels of finance grind to a halt.  And of course "liability insurance" has nothing to do with schools or employment; it's a shield for the businesses who made Mitch McConnell the rich public servant that he is today.

Trump didn't invent corruption in public office.  He's just the most shameless about it.  Although it's a close race between Trump and McConnell on that point.

By the way, notice that the fact renters across the country now face eviction as of last Friday because Trump has so poorly handled this public heatlh crisis, doesn't figure into the concerns of Meadows and Mnuchin at all, and you might as well have Mitt Romney telling us again that "corporations are poeple, too, my friend."  Not a one of them is a friend to the unemployed.

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