Monday, July 27, 2020

The Stupid Will Always Be With Us

Trump's not getting this right either.

The police and witnesses said the man in the car turned it aggressively toward the marchers, and Mr. Foster then approached it. The driver opened fire, shooting Mr. Foster three times. He was rushed to a hospital and was later pronounced dead.

Apparently Foster never fired his rifle:

Austin’s police chief, Brian Manley, told reporters on Sunday that as the motorist turned, a crowd of protesters surrounded the vehicle, and some struck the car. The driver, whose name has not been released, then opened fire from inside the car as Mr. Foster approached. Another person in the crowd pulled out a handgun and shot at the vehicle as it sped away.

The driver says Foster raised his rifle.  And the police union says he got what he deserved:

On Twitter, Kenneth Casaday, the president of the Austin police officers’ union, retweeted a video clip of Mr. Foster explaining to Mr. Garcia, the independent journalist, why he brought his rifle. In the clip, Mr. Foster is heard using curse words to talk about “all the people that hate us,” but are too afraid to “stop and actually do anything about it.”

In his tweet, Mr. Casaday wrote: “This is the guy that lost his life last night. He was looking for confrontation and he found it.”
Which is not an excuse I've cared for since Kent State, frankly.

Texas has a stand your ground law.  Texas allows open carry.  This is what happens when you're that stupid about guns.  That kind of stupid predates Trump by years.  And the tension in the cities caused by Trump's stupidity (and egging on the Feds in Portland and D.C.) doesn't help; but I don't lay this at his feet, either.

We're plenty stupid on our own, thanks.  I especially like the guy who fired his handgun at the fleeing car, apparently hitting the driver.  I'm wondering what HIS defense is.

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