Wednesday, July 29, 2020

This Is NOT How You Do It

Much as I admire Elizabeth Warren, I have to say this is not the wisest course of action.  Drawing attention to Trump's abuses of power outside a Senate hearing or resolution on the Senate floor is just giving him the attention he craves.  I don't doubt the mayor of Portland is right and the withdrawals are coming (if they haven't already started), but giving Trump an excuse to "show 'em who's boss" is not a genius move.

Especially since, with the exception of Secretary Esper, the rest of the Cabinet is either cowed by Trump, or is Ben Carson (Idiot) or Mike Pompeo (Delusions of Grandeur and Surviving Trump).

Leave Trump alone; he's already bored, he's already walked away from the table.  Read the signs, and try for something a bit less like a really stupid and futile gesture, next time.

And he's already setting up to declare victory:

As usual for Trump, reality be damned!  Nobody's really paying attention to Portland anyway, so he can leave and claim he won.

Same.  Trying to be sure they claim victory on their terms, not the Mayor's.  Wait and see.

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