Thursday, July 30, 2020

"Whatever It Takes"

Just to say the "two tracks" idea is a completely bogus one.  Trump "sticks" to the "script" for moments at a time, and even then he literally goes off script because he can't stand to be told what to say or to stick to any "message" that doesn't come from his gut.  He's never stayed on any scripted messag for minutes, much less days or even hours.  His only guide is what he thinks is his self-interest.  That couldn't be more obvious if Trump wore a sign around his neck reading:  "I'M ONLY INTERESTED IN ME!"

And in semi-related news:  I do wonder if things like this are going to make him quit early, just to cut off the flow of revelations that prove he is not at all what he's always said he was.

Does anybody really doubt that's why he's fighting tooth and nail to hold onto his tax returns?

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  1. He doesn't stand by what he says within the minute he says it. One of the comments on that tweet notes that the media falls into the "new tone" lie every few months, they've done it all during this as they did all during the Bush II regime. The media will not change unless they are forced to, absolute freedom makes them dangerous.