Friday, July 31, 2020

And that Memo is Clearly Circulating

This one is actually worse than the "postpone the election" idea, because the media can endlessly cluck over this without any legal or Constitutional objections being raised.  As I've said before, I still blame AP for the Bush v. Gore debacle, and who anointed AP the officially unofficial arbiter of who won the election returns?  Don't we have 50 state governments and electors (Amendment 12, Amendment 20) to handle that?  When did AP get "unofficially" written into the Constitution?

How do political TeeVee journalists prove their worth if they can't be the first ones to call the election?  What good are all those exit polls and blinkenlights und spitzensparken and holograms (does CNN still do that?  Please tell me they don't.) if we can't have this:

Well, we've already had that, haven't we?  Can't we just enjoy that and leave well enough alone?

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