Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The Louie Chronicles

This was always the flaw in Louie Gohmert's "reasoning." When you refuse to wear a mask until you test positive, by the time you do test positive, the horses are out of the barn and the barn has burned down.

And yes, yes I do intend to run that metaphor right into the ground.  Why do you ask?

But Gohmert is the gift that keeps on giving (and I still can't decide if East Texas, where I was reared as a young 'un, is trying to send their craziest to D.C. to keep 'em away from home, or if he's a product of a representative government.  It's a close run thing.):

They'd have been fine with getting that news over the phone; or even from the news reports, who probably reported it before Louie got to the office to scare everybody.

Yes, Louie swore up and down he wouldn't wear a mask until he got sick.  At least he's not attributing his condition to alien DNA and demon sperm.  Well, not yet, anyway.

That picture, BTW, is Louie telling a TV camera crew how he got sick from a mask.  And he's, again, maskless.

All hail "Typhoid Louie."

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  1. Maybe he got the idea from Trump's expert on masks, "Dr" Stella Immanuel. Though he's one of the many who don't need to say insane stuff.