Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Why Am I Not Surprised?

Political geniuses these guys ain't!

I'm not sure William Barr reflects in a mirror these days.

Well, it's more than Trump could be bothered to do.

Shit.  Now I'm gonna wish I was wading through this live just to listen to her.  She would make the waste of time not such a wasteland.  Seriously:  I could fanboi over watching her at a hearing.

Broken windows I'll give you.  Graffiti, though?  And just put some firm barriers around the place and keep people from climbing over.  Assaulting veterans and Moms?  Completely unnecessary.  They are throwing kerosene on the fire and if Barr doesn't know that, he needs to resign.

Like veterans and Moms?  I'm having a hard time understand the argument here.

FoxNews is all they got.

Speaking of FoxNews:

This close to English.

Well, that issue is settled!  White people can breathe easier.

It's not like Trump was in office from 2017 to 2020!

Or a glimmer of good sense.  A little remembered truth is that John Mitchell was no longer USAG when the Watergate burglarly occurred.  Even he had more sense than Barr.

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