Monday, July 27, 2020

Xenophobia Is a Cruel Mistress

The Republicans really are determined to slit their own throats, aren't they?

Because the narrative insists Beto was a fluke (and he lost!) and nothing really happened in 2018, despite several incumbent GOP representatives coming to grief, and Trump's support plummeting to below Biden's (I've seen three Biden ads in Houston, by the way.  No Trump ads.  Curiouser and curioser.)

Meanwhile, back in my federal district:

This is basically xenophobia without foreigners.  I'm surprised he didn't reach back past the '70's to that favorite shibboleth of racist sheriffs in the Deep South, "outside agitators."  There have been no mass demonstrations leading to violence in Crenshaw's district or, so far as I know, anywhere in Texas.  No sightings of mysterious "Antifa" busses prowling the backroads looking for Confederate statues to knock over, no sightings of black clad militants (No, I'm not making that up):

 Black work or military boots, pants, balaclavas or ski masks, gloves and jackets, North Face brand or otherwise. Gas masks, goggles and shields may be added as accessories, but the basics have stayed the same since the look’s inception.
That's the "uniform" Crenshaw is talking about.  I have black cowboy boots (close enough?), black levis, and a dark grey hoodie.  I wear glasses, which might as well be goggles.  Huh.  I'm "antifa" and didn't even know it.

Then again, so's Johnny Cash:

Crenshaw really is an idiot.

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