Monday, November 16, 2020


I think not.

Frankly, this is on all of us.  The voter turnout in 2020 was massive.  The voter turnout in 2016 was...not.  Too many people refused to sully their vote by using it for Clinton, or didn't care because it "didn't matter," or didn't care period, or expected Trump to lose without their help, and couldn't otherwise be bothered.

It's gonna take more than the defeat of Trump at the ballot box to fix this mess we let ourselves in for.  It always does.  We really can't act like we don't know where this came from or why this happened. It's not like it wasn't perfectly apparent in the 8 years Obama was in the White House.  We just acted like it was Obama, and it would go away with him.

Leaving the decisions up to clowns is how we got this clown show.

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