Wednesday, November 11, 2020

"Peace is subversive in an imperialist country."

"The blood swept lands and seas of red...."

History is a dialogue between 

Forward and backward

Going inevitably forward

By the misuse of words

Now the function of the word is:

To designate first the machine,

Then what the machine produces,

Then what the machine destroys.

Words show us these things not only in order to mean them

But in order to provoke them

And to incorporate us in their forward movement:

Doing, making, destroy or rather

Being done, being made being destroyed.

Such is history.

The forgotten principle is that the machine

Should always destroy the maker of the machine

Being more important than the maker

Insofar as man is more important than God.

Words also reflect this principle

Though they are meant to conceal it

From the ones who are too young to know.

Thus words have no essential meaning.

They are means of locomotion

From backward to forward

Along an infinite horizontal plane,

Created by the history which they themselves destroy.

They are the makers of our only reality

The backward-forward working of the web

The movement into the web.

-Thomas Merton.

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