Monday, November 16, 2020

Saigon Redux

But is Trump capable of understanding that? Even foreseeing that? And would his supporters (the ones who will presumably attend the rallies he will presumably hold to raise money for his 2024 campaign but actually more of his grift (where DID that $1,000,000,000 go?)) give a shit?

Trump is all Trump has ever shown himself capable of caring about.  Now, without the aura of the Presidency around him, he is finally revealed as the naked mole rat he always was.  Funny how the noise and smoke and sound system made him sound like a great and powerful wizard, even as we could all see he wasn't.  With that suddenly gone, he's not even a charming bunkum peddler.

The psychology of the nation's relationship to the Presidency says a lot about why incumbents usually get re-elected, and why Trump drew 70 million votes.  It wasn't because 70 million people in America are "Trump supporters."  It was because Trump just happened to be the President in that race.  Looking back on it, LBJ should have stuck it out.  He probably would have won.  But Vietnam broke him; he was an actual human being. 

Trump is a homunculus; at best.

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  1. Trump, no doubt, doing what Putin told him to. I wonder how Putin plans on wrangling a Taliban-ISIS regime in Afghanistan to his benefit as he wrangled the Chechen fundamentalist phenomenon to make himself dictator of Russia. I don't think that there has ever been an American president who has actually handed the dictator of a foreign country the kind of power Trump has to Putin and the Republican-fascists and the most dangerous of American mass media is going to be all in on it. FOX being the property of an Aussie-Brit porn merchant, after all.