Saturday, November 14, 2020

The 15 They've Lost?

Or the 15 they're going to lose? They've got 25 days. If they hurry, they can lose 1 case a day.   And why did Trump put Rudy in charge? Well, of course he is. Meanwhile, back in the courts: And the cherry on the sundae: The best line in that article comes in the closing paragraphs:

Despite the numerous setbacks in battleground states, Trump campaign spokesperson Tim Murtaugh insisted the campaign had a “methodical” approach that will result in victory.

“Over 72 million people now have voted for President Trump and those Americans deserve to know that this election was free, fair, safe and secure, and they deserve to know that every legal vote is counted and that every illegal vote is not counted,” Murtaugh said in a conference call about the lawsuits Thursday night. “You simply cannot ignore the very real evidence of irregularities.”

Well, you can if "the very real evidence of irregularities" can't be presented.

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