Monday, November 30, 2020

Why I Don't Bother Anymore

I've seen some ads for "Prager U." This stuff is so stupid it's not worth arguing with. You can't fix stupid.


  1. Let me guess Simha Jacobovici bought a piece of parchment instead of a bone box this time, or did a Harvard Divinity has write a book?
    Prager U. It's not just the word "reverend" that they let just anyone use these days.

  2. It's the name of a right-wing crackpot with (apparently) a YouTube channel. I've seen the ads around. He sits in front of a fire place and bookshelf (very English upper-class!) and tries to be avuncular.

    Best I can tell, he's as knowledgeable as Trump and just as willing to share his mendacity with the masses. I'm sure he wandered into Jesus and Socialism via the Catholic Worker's Movement or some of the works of Crossan and the Jesus Seminar, if not liberation theology (I doubt he knows the latter at all, actually). Mostly he's concerned with protecting his ideas from the world.

    Which ideas are completely discardable.