Friday, June 11, 2021

Ah, Dem Was De Days!

The point of the "talking filibuster" was to tie up the Senate for so long that Senators got tired of it and either abandoned the bill, or voted for cloture. Nowadays a simple motion to filibuster ends everything for that bill. Not that the Senate gets any more done, but maybe 75 days of talking would be enough to make the minority stand down and let the majority get on with it. Given the average age of Senators today (LBJ died at the age of 65 and by that time had been out of the Senate for 12 years), I doubt they could sustain a 75 day filibuster.

Maybe it's time to make 'em try, just to get their obstruction on the public record.   If you can't get rid of the filibuster, put it to use.

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