Thursday, March 06, 2008

Nobody ever listens to me....

Because the Texas delegate "count" won't be known until August; really.

NPR got close; MSNBC is missing the point entirely. I don't even know where they get the "10 delegates" number; NPR says the Texas Democratic Party has Obama ahead in caucus-appointed delegates, 37 to Clinton's 30. Neither recognizes, as MSNBC did Tuesday night, albeit tacitly, that Texas has 228 delegates to send to the National Convention, and only 193 were up for grabs Tuesday night. That leaves 35, right? So where did they go?

126 were supposed to be decided in the primary. Both NPR and according to Burnt Orange Report say the primary gave 65 delegates to Clinton, 61 to Obama. That plust the 67 given out in the caucus means 35 are left over, still. But as NPR pointed out, those 67 are still up for grabs until the state convention in June. But the mystery 35 are the Texas equivalent of "superdelegates," and they won't be committed until the national convention in August.

Don't believe me? The basic primer is here. NPR almost got it right, saying Obama can claim to have "won" in Texas, even if the accepted narrative is already set, and Clinton won. Fact is, as I said, the final Texas count won't be known until August, and that could be crucial in this affair. But, more'n likely, it won't be.

Still, nobody ever listens to me, so y'all go ahead and be confused. It's good for you. As a liberal in Texas, I've learned to live with confusion. It can only be healthy for the rest of you to experience some of it, now.

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