Wednesday, March 25, 2015

NTodd made me do it


Well, he made me think about this business with license plates in Texas, and I decided to turn my comment into a blog post.  Viz:

My father spoke to a State Representative (TX) about raising taxes to pay for what was needed, like roads and schools and etc. (Dad's fairly conservative, he probably didn't want to raise taxes to pay for Medicaid. I have a friend who had to move to Kentucky, where she wes born some 80 years ago, to get on Medicaid because Texas is so stingy. That's another rant....).

This SR, probably a devout Baptist (to underline the importance of the metaphor lumbering around the corner towards us), said he'd rather burn in hell than raise taxes.

My father, a lifelong Republican, thought the guy was nuts. And also thought that anecdote pretty much explained the root of the problem.

So now we're in front of the Supreme Court arguing about images on license plates. This we can spend money on; healthcare for the poor? Screw 'em. And, by extension: this the Supreme Court can force the State of Texas to do. Again, healthcare for the poor? And offend state sovereignty?!?!?!?!????

I just wanna go home with the armadillo; and see one more horny toad in the wild before I die.


  1. If I want to get health insurance I'm going to have to move out of friggin' Maine because our teabagger governor and the Republicans in the legislature won't enact Obamacare for people in my poverty class.

    Texas doesn't have a monopoly on that kind of stuff, there's plenty of it up here.

  2. Our governor certainly is showing his plutocrat colors more and more of late. Bailing on single-payer, now issuing ultimatums to our state exchange, refusing to raise the top marginal rates, etc.

    But at least we expanded Medicaid and don't have Confederate flags on our plates.

  3. Think what a hell it'd be if Obamacare still imposed healthcare for the poor on the states.