Saturday, March 07, 2015

The Amazing Randi speaks

No one listens:

[R] all magical thinking, thoroughly well organized and well established.
Says the magician who's only talent is in deceiving others, and who makes a profession of telling lies:  all of humanity throughout time and across space are benighted fools, except for me.

Nice work, if you can get it.  Not quite sure how so many centuries of "magical thinking" managed to produce the Amazing Randi, but I guess we should be grateful one of us isn't fooled by thinking that is well organized and well established.

Or something.

P.S.  He really is a lovely guy.  Reminds me of Richard Dawkins.


  1. The Randi Religion on full display. It's never a shock to me, anymore, that these God haters are ever so ready to worship a manufactured and phony god.

  2. And, as you say, their materialism leads directly to a dehumanization of others.

    Really kind of amazing (!) how truly inhumane they are; and how unashamed of that fact they are.

    "Magical thinking," indeed.

  3. The Amazing (Ayn) Rand-i.

    Reading the quotes about what he'd do w/ people w/ mental illnesses, and recalling that it's not too many years since gay people (like Mr Randi apparently is) were seen AS such, I would think he'd be more circumspect. Then again, since he tortures Darwin into being a "Social Darwinist", Randi is FAR from the rationalist he claims to be.


    OK, serious question: can anyone recommend a site that skeptically investigates MODERN (past 200 years or so) religious claims, that doesn't trash ALL of religion? For example: we're coming up (in the next couple of years) on the 100th anniversary of the (mainly 3 children's) visions at Fatima, Portugal. I don't for a *second* believe that the Virgin Mary sent the sun "whirling down to the surface of the Earth" (not to mention, that the BVM's alleged words at Fatima seemed to coincide very conveniently w/ Ultra-Montanist Papists favorite bugaboos!). Where's a good site to get into the facts of that? How 'bout the Mormon "Golden Plates"? Those sort of (relatively) recent fraud/hallucinations (w/o getting "Amazing Randi"-type anti-theist blather). Thanks in advance, you can contact me at "jcf1899 at gmail dot com"