Saturday, June 27, 2020

I'm seriously thinking charges of treason might be in order

We have a long history of not prosecuting former Presidents for what they did in office.  Donald Trump may break that tradition, too.

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  1. Gerald Ford's pardon of Nixon was one of the most seriously damaging things done to the rule of law in the past half century. If Nixon had been prosecuted and convicted of crimes he committed in office, the crimes of the subsequent presidents, up to those most serious ones during the Reagan-BushI-II eras, would have been far less likely to happen. The greater the power, the more accountable the person has to be or it is an invitation to commit the most serious crimes. Trump and his gangsters not being held accountable will be the prelude to far worse when a competent criminal gets the presidency, and the chances are, it will happen within a decade, the rate we get them.