Saturday, June 27, 2020

Brave, Brave Sir Robin Donald

And having done that, he's going to Virginia instead!

The smart money pointed out yesterday that New Jersey was requiring anyone who entered the state from, or who had recently been to, 7 states (including Arizona) had to quarantine for 7 days.  The White House made big "hurr durr" about the President "not being an ordinary citizen" (he is, of course, especially where state laws are concerned), but Trump ducked the fight.*

Which is why he's in Virginia right now.
I guess he wants to be sure this fake marker to a non-battle is protected from thugs and hoodlums and vandals, currently roving the country in antifa busses nobody has seen:

*Or maybe he didn't at all:
I still imagine he posted a couple of Secret Service agents around that plaque, just to be sure he keeps the elephants away while he golfs.

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