Saturday, June 27, 2020

I'll Tell You For Free...'s gonna be a shitshow.  With states like Texas shutting down again, 7 weeks before school resumes, and districts across this state alone looking to the governor for some kind of statewide guidance, all the while working desperately to figure it out for themselves (parents and teachers and kids want to know, too), it's gonna be a god-damned trainwreck.

Worst case scenario?  Everybody gets so far behind because of loss of face time in classrooms, etc., (public schools are NOT set up to teach on-line, and lots of their students aren't set up for it at home) the students effectively lose a year.  Then what?  Pretend it didn't happen?  Or reset everybody's life for, what, ten years?  Twelve?  How long does it take to work that bulge/blockage all the way down the snake?*

I don't blame Trump for this one, but decades of "Government isn't the solution, it's the problem!" is coming home to roost.

We have found the problem:  it's us.  Welcome to Israel in the Exile.  God didn't abandon us (metaphorically speaking); we abandoned God.  Now we (and our children, and our children's children's children) pay the price.

Who do we blame for this?

*I'm not exaggerating.  There is already the knowledge that kids "slip back" over the three months of summer (a vestigial practice in schooling that we should have eliminated ages ago).  Now to that three months add at least two, and who knows how much "recovery" can be managed in the "new classroom" of pandemic protection?  If we return to full-time "just like it was," how many parents keep their kids at home?  If we don't, what then?  Either way, what happens to the expectations of the system for the education of our children?  Good people are struggling to make something work, but it's gonna be, to repeat myself, a shitshow.  And it may affect a generation, literally.  18-20 years worth of children and their education, bollixed.

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