Sunday, June 28, 2020

Tired of this shit, no more Mr. Nice Guy

a)  I'm pretty sure the Governor of Texas did that first.

b)  Blaming people for going to bars and restaurants after you open the bars and restaurants AND (at least in Texas, thanks, again, to the aforementioned Governor) you suspend the authority of local officials (county judges, mayors) to enforce social distancing and mask-wearing rules, is kinda chickenshit.  No, it isn't "kinda," it IS chickenshit.

c)  You're in Dallas this morning, and I'll lay odds you're not wearing a mask anywhere on your trip, and certainly not when you appear in public.  Don't want to piss off the guy elected to the other Constitutional office in the Administration who can't fire you if he wanted to, right?

d)  Fuck you.  I'm older than you, and done with you, and done with false politeness.  I've earned the right to be cranky and honest.  Fuck you.  You're a disgrace.  Learn a lesson from that Christianity you claim to think so much of:  "Go and sin no more."  If you can't manage that, at least pontificate no more.  It's just as bad, and you're no good at it anyway.  You're even a worthless excuse for a public official.

e)  The truth is your Administration and your "team" did nothing about this for months, the CDC issued a set of vague and glittering guidelines which effectively said "Do good", and which nobody, including your own President, even pretended to try to follow.  And now you blame the people for your utter and abject failures?  The fact you aren't ashamed just proves the old adage "You can't shame a whore."  Did I mention how I feel about you?  Let me be sure you heard me:  FUCK YOU!

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