Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Black Lives Matter: NIMBY edition

"...fear of imminent and grave."

I know, I'm a lawyer, too.  And I write for publication, and I make typos and errors in syntax, etc.  But really, at least three lawyers looked at this statement, and none of them noticed this?

Yes, the house (which is huge) is on a gated street.  But does that justify this?

Frankly, this is the "price" you pay for living in a gated community next to the Mayor's house.  These protestors are on the sidewalk and in the street, and they come out to the edge of their lawn waving a pistol around?  And the homeowners are the ones "threatened"?

This is why I hate gated communities.

Assuming, arguendo, that is the gate in question, I'm left with a question not entirely relevant to this matter:  why does the Mayor live here?  It's hardly a high security situation.  I know the city of St. Louis well enough to know it's seen better days, and no doubt people who can afford a house like that want to be secure in the city (which ain't the nicest place, for the most part).  I was there 25 years ago, I doubt the city has improved much since I left.  Still, why there?

And why guns?  I mean, I went out one night recently, at midnight, because my neighbor was running  an outboard motor on a boat on a trailer in the street (don't ask).  And actually my neighbor is renting the place from a very nice guy who moved on, unfortunately.  Still, I didn't go out waving a gun (maybe because I don't have one?).  A gun?  Really?  And you still say (through your mouthpiece) that you have a "longstanding commitment to protecting the civil rights of clients victimized at the hands of law enforcement"?  So long as they don't walk down your street uninvited and carrying signs, huh?

The smart play next time is to call the police and stay inside.  Or just stay inside.  Those people weren't even on your lawn.

You live in the Bastille?  That's really what you want to say?

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