Monday, June 29, 2020

O my sweet Lord!

I'm guessing the "Freedom from Life" aspect of having 2200 people
jammed together for two hours in a closed room, was just an afterthought.

Ben Carson:

U.S. Housing Secretary Ben Carson, who rode along with Pence from Washington D.C., along with Texas U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, also addressed the church and urged resilience rooted in "self-sufficiency" against the virus.

"We must learn to dominate the virus and not let the virus dominate us," Carson said.

Sounds like Bill Maher:

“I’m not asking you to storm the beaches at Normandy. Just storm the beaches. And the stores. Go to the mall and buy some pants. Remember pants?”

He urged them to take the necessary precautions (”do the masks!” he said), but said the chances of them catching the virus is “very unlikely”.

He heaped praise upon millennials following news that tens of thousands had signed up to be injected with coronavirus to help find a vaccination.

“What a great way to fight that generation’s reputation for being safety-obsessed scaredy cats,” he said.
Who is, need it be said, an idiot.

"Dominate the virus"?  This is not a wrestling match, or an incel's fantasy of how to relate to women.

How Ben Carson still has a license to practice medicine is beyond me.  How he got it in the first place is a testament to the power of the mind to conquer technical knowledge, and absolutely nothing else.

How Bill Maher manages to walk and chew gum is still under investigation.

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