Tuesday, June 30, 2020

White Privilege Looks Like What?

Gaetz is right:  this is all of us.  At least "all of us" who think we have the privilege to defend our house and environs (the couple said this crowd as in their "living room"!) with guns.

I had a guy actually drive into my house, at 11:30 at night (it's not the neighborhood you think it is, the way I talk about it), and I didn't go out with a gun in my hand (again, because I don't own one?).  And that guy was literally in my bedroom.

Well, that would be funny.  But this reminds me of when Huey Newton convinced the Black Panthers to carry guns, because under California law that was legal.  Newton was trying to counter the police.  The Panthers suddenly became national figures. I just remember hearing how dangerous they were.  Now I know why I was hearing that.

Would Gaetz and Trump post these pictures if the couple in the house were black?  If they did, it wouldn't be approvingly.

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