Friday, November 13, 2020

Signs of Depression

No, not the clinical stuff; just the emotional kind. In my short stint as a church pastor I had two churches shot out from under me. I have a distinct memory of hiding in the church (the door was locked, I wouldn't answer) when a friend came by the day it was clear I was surplus to needs. The second time, I refused to take calls from a young man who wanted me to officiate his wedding, regardless of the church firing me. I couldn't face the logistics of that (asking the interim to let me back in for a service at the church, mostly). I am still quite ashamed of my actions, though it's been over 20 years ago. So I get it. Then again, I'm not a public figure in my mid-70's. Even now, in my mid-'60's, I think I'd handle the rejection better than I did as a younger, but not young, man. This is the guy who's going to inspire millions to chant his name until 2024? I think everybody expecting that needs to recalibrate their crystal balls.

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