Friday, November 13, 2020

Still Crazy After All These Years

"He knows his responsibilities, he knows his duties." Which is why he's done nothing to encourage the passage of a covid aid bill or any support for the unemployed at all. As for the timing of Pfizer, he's the one who made it political. If Pfizer withheld an announcement until after the election, it was to help encourage people to accept the vaccine rather than think it was a Trump ploy.

I do love the bit about how Trump will accept the results if Trump is satisfied all "valid ballots" were counted, and all "invalid ballots" were rejected.  His satisfaction doesn't enter into it.  As of December 14, when the electoral college does it's pro forma duty, it's all over but the crying.  And baby, is he gonna be crying.

A heavyweight champion in the last round?  The bell rang, the fight was called, the arena is empty, everybody's gone home.  Trump is standing in the squared circle claiming he can still fight.  It's over.  Fight called.  He lost the title (if he ever had it).  The lights are off.  Nobody else is in the building.  How far do I have to go to make this analogy absolutely ridiculous?

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  1. Boy, does the NYC media generate more than its fair share of scum or what? If they could clean up that city it would go a long way to clean up American politics, especially the media in that city.

    W. Rivera, I wish I could find the Doonesbury depiction of him as fumes attracting flies over a TV.