Friday, November 13, 2020

So This Is The “Strategy”

“More time" not to find evidence of fraud, but to use that evidence to delay certification of the vote. And why delay certification? So Trump can pout some more; or set up a new grift.

No evidence, no purpose, other than to allow the POTUS to whine longer about losing. At some point the lawyers bringing this crap to court need to be shamed. Shamed not for “damaging democracy,” but for wasting judicial resources. Lawyers are supposed to be the first filter between the courts and meritless lawsuits. Asking the courts for relief so you can find evidence upon which to grant the relief is the very definition of “meritless.”
UPDATE: to quote the pleadings themselves: Frankly, I consider this sanctionable. And it's damned hard to sanction a lawyer for bringing a meritless claim. But on the face of it, this is without merit. It even acknowledges it's using the courts to fish for evidence that will give its claim merit; merit the claim doesn't even have yet.  As I said, the very definition of "meritless."

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