Friday, November 13, 2020

Grifters Gotta...

Trump doesn’t want to change the outcome. Trump is setting up his next grift. Trump doesn’t care about the Georgia run off. Trump doesn’t care about the GOP. Trump cares about Trump. If he sets up a PAC for that effort, the fix is in. Not for his re-election prospects, but for his grift. He’s gonna need it. Scotland is making noises about investigating his golf course there. The aim of the suits now is to delay certification of the vote for as long as possible (which means December 14). Not because that’s a winning legal strategy, but to let Trump whine longer about being cheated, so he can carry that narrative out of the White House. And with that narrative scam more supporters for money.

"Run" being the "official" designation of what he'll be doing, "grifting the marks" being the more accurate designation of what he'll be doing.

Especially with Trump, always follow the money.

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