Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Soon To Be 25?

I can’t keep up with how many cases have been thrown out.


  1. A second amendment complaint to voting??? Stand your ground against the ballots? The poll workers?? This passed farce long ago. It was inevitable that given the right wing, this would eventually devolve to guns.

  2. Sorry, “amended complaint” is a legal term if art. The Trump campaign filed an amended complaint in PA dropping their big issue concerning almost 700,000 ballots. Then their lawyers withdrew and subbed in this new guy , on the representation to the court no delay would ensue. Then they asked for a delay and may try to file a second amended complaint (new legal issues). Very late in the game in a time sensitive suit (matters have to be resolved by Dec. 14, if not Dec. 8).

  3. The fault was mine, I didn't read carefully enough. Thank you for the clarification.