Friday, February 24, 2017

As I was saying...

Trump seems to be referring to the news that Reince Priebus tried to get the FBI to quash statements about the connections between Russia and the White House.  But that kind of communcation is not "classified information."  And saying it in a Tweet is not a Presidential directive classifying that communication.  It's not even the right way to handle a concern about leaks in the White House and FBI authority to contain or even criminalize such leaks.  Sort of like this tweet:

What does he think he's going to do:  replace Rahm Emmanuel?  Appoint a new police commissioner in Chicago?  Declare martial law there and flood the streets with soldiers?  Is this even a directive to Congress to investigate how to help Chicago and stem the violence there?

Does Trump even understand he is the President now?


  1. Well,of course. Why upset a perfectly good rant with any effort to do something about it?

    Our President is the Internet Troll-in-Chief.

  2. Maybe they should do what John Oliver did and take out an ad on FOX in the DC area. Get that "cowboy" Oliver got to do it. Trump might mistake it as a catheter commercial and listen to it. Or me might not.