Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Gotta Speak Up For My State

How many cities in Ontario? Alaska? And cities do not include small clusters of buildings. Besides, you can go from El Paso to California without seeing much of any civilization. Or New Mexico, Arkansas, or Mississippi, for that matter. Oklahoma is pretty much OKC and Tulsa, too. Believe me, between Florida and California, Texas is an oasis.

Besides, Texas is bigger than Ontario, and Houston has more people than the whole province. And whaddya got in Ontario? Tim Horton’s?  Not even Tex-Mex? Much less BBQ? And Alaska? Is there anything in Alaska? Besides ice and mosquitoes, I mean. And 1000 miles in a straight line and you can’t leave the state? Cool story, bro.

1 comment:

  1. Who wants to drive 1000 miles in a straight line? I'd at least want to get somewhere for my troubles. And you're still in your same old skin no matter where you go.
    After this last election, I figure Maine deserves to be derided as much as any state that returned a Republican scumbag to the House or Senate. And we only sent one back.