Friday, December 18, 2020

"Guardians"? Of The Galaxy?

Or of the orbital decay?

I am reminded of a comment made by Howland Owl (if memory serves) of the Dog (or was it Churchy LaFemme?  Was it even "Pogo"?  Growing old is hell.), to the effect that the subject of his remark was an expert on space.  Because his head was full of it.

Don't know why I think of that in connection with the phrase "space professionals," but there we are.  (Space is a profession?  How do you profess it?  Isn't that kind of like saying "universe professionals"?)


  1. I seem to recall a sci-fi story where the oppressive oligarchic enforcers were called that. You know, how they always come up with some anodyne name for something evil.

  2. What’s wrong with “space cadets”?

  3. Apparently “Stormtroopers” was a little too on the nose, even for them.

  4. “Junior Birdmen”. Space Force is part of the Air Force, after all.