Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Staying Relevant

Meanwhile, down the other rabbit hole.


  1. I think Rudy's got a great future on the Home Shopping Channel selling crap, if he doesn't have one making license plates. I remember when he was first in the national news, when Gotti was being prosecuted that I thought he was a sleazebag and that was the height of his credibility. Sorry but my opinion of the legal profession has melted like Rudy's hair dye.

  2. There's a whole lot of willingness to accept people in public office as Very Serious People until proven otherwise, and the "proven otherwise" is very difficult to do.

    Well, unless they are no longer people in public office. Then suddenly we can see them for who they are, like Giuliani and now Trump. A lot of the bleating about the "dangers to democracy" are these kinds of complaints: the undue respect for public office holders, as if to regard them as what they are (crooks and scoundrels, too many of them) will reveal the Emperor is naked and the government "established by the Founding Fathers" is more of a criminal enterprise than a service to the people.

    Humankind, as Eliot pointed out, cannot bear very much reality.