Monday, December 21, 2020

O Mah Gawd The Sky Is Fallin'!

There's been a lot of "the sky is falling!" fear mongering that I hope goes away when Trump is out of office.  I actually saw a tweet the other day upbraiding the rest of America (?) for not being willing to "fight" over whatever new horror Trump was reportedly planning to perpetrate on the Republic (get an airport named after him, and a "nice" one, not some rinky-dink or rotting airport; a real classy one.  You can't make this stuff up.  Or declare martial law and order the military to goose-step into at least six states and seize all public officials and facilities while Sidney Powell and Lin Wood "look for fraud.").  I love especially the idea we must "fight."  Who?  With what?  Whom do we punch out, a la a comic book hero?

The brutal mishandling of the pandemic will eventually resound in memory.  I don't think it had any effect on the election, given the vote returns.  Maybe as it recedes into the past with the slow advent of the vaccine (and possibly slower acceptance of its necessity) we will assess blame to history.  I dunno.  Who do we blame for the Spanish flu, which actually started in Kansas?

At least, as I say, maybe we'll stop thinking a raindrop is a sign of calamity and doom.

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