Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Narrative, Narrative, Who's Got The Narrative?

Four years ago the narrative was Trump is the new POTUS, and everyone always complains about the new POTUS, because power abhors a vacuum and every four years there's a vacuum at the top, even if the old guy is re-elected. The narrative knew that, and folded events into the narrative, even if they didn't fit (the narrative is all that matters; events are understood in the context of the narrative, and those that don't fit the narrative are discarded or ignored.)
"It's just unconscionable that we're talking about the president of the United States and the military having to be fearful of him," she said. "But sadly this is who Trump is and he has been this way for the last four years." 

Neumann then explained that the latest reports about Trump's disturbing behavior are right in line with behavior she personally witnessed while working for the White House.

"He doesn't understand the Constitution, he is incompetent in being able to carry out his duties, and his priorities are not what's best for the country, but what's best for him," she said. "I find it interesting that you have White House officials now sounding the alarm, but the person that he is and the way that he has operated... hasn't changed."

The narrative has caught up with reality.  Or, the narrative is always reality.  But narrative, and my narrative?  That's really where the struggle is: who gets to decide the narrative?

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