Monday, December 28, 2020

The Funniest Part Is This....

So this is what Trump did: Not a damned thing, in other words. That's a more accurate reading of the situation. And what did he accomplish? Our man on their side; again and again and again.
The funniest part is this:
That's part of a 9 tweet thread from the Deputy Assistant to Trump. It's utter bullshit. The current Congress is in session until January 3rd. A new Congress convenes on January 4th. Anything the current Congress does that isn't sent to the President to be signed into law by the 3rd of next month is not binding on the new Congress, and in effect dies. Besides:
This is the perfect analysis of what has happened this weekend, and for the last four years:
And this is the guy who is a danger to democracy, and "can do enormous damage over the next weeks"? How? By tweeting between rounds of golf? By getting his deputy assistant to tweet mendacious bullshit? By saying Mitch McConnell agreed to things McConnell doesn't even bother to bat away anymore, because Trump is the lamest lame duck in recent Presidential history?

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