Friday, August 06, 2021

So Texas Looked At The Hospital Crisis In Louisiana And Said:

 "Hold mah beer."

In Texas, where hospitals are struggling with historically low staffing levels while hospitalizations from the COVID-19 delta variant are skyrocketing, nurses like Price are a hot commodity.

There are 23,000 more unfilled jobs in Texas for registered nurses than there are nurses seeking to fill them, according to a labor analysis by the Texas Workforce Commission.

“There's no pipeline of staff that we see ready to just hop in and start helping,” said Carrie Kroll, vice president of advocacy, quality and public health at the Texas Hospital Association.

Burnout is causing nurses of all specialties to leave the profession in droves — or to accept better paying nursing jobs in an increasingly competitive market, nurses and hospital officials say.

Louisiana is reporting a shortage of 6000 nurses.  Tell me how this ends well for anybody. 

As you can see from the tweet above, Abbott is VERY concerned about this situation.

Parents of students (who, being minors, are helpless in assuring their own protection from disease) are very concerned about the upcoming school year. Greg Abbott doesn't give a shit about them. He's got a GOP base to appease.  Meanwhile, outside the classroom:

The situation threatens to lower both access to and quality of health care — and that’s a problem for everyone in the industry, health care officials say. No matter how many beds a hospital may have, it can use only the ones that have staff to cover them.


It all comes at a time when Texas is recording nearly five times as many hospitalizations from COVID-19 than it was a month ago — with an increase of nearly 50% just in the past week — as the highly contagious delta variant sends more unvaccinated Texans to the hospital every day. New cases are up 92% since last week, and deaths are up 15% in the same time frame, state health officials said Wednesday.

Texas politicians were showered with money by energy interests after they did bugger all for the Great Freeze of 2021, in which people died and almost the entire state was without power and water for days.  I'm wondering who they think is going to repay them for killing us off with covid?  No, I'm serious; cui bono here?

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