Friday, September 17, 2021

Crazy Old Man Shouts At Clouds

I publish this purely as a public service. Please note this is not a threat to American democracy or a rallying cry for more violence against voters or even an act of sedition. This is a crazed old man who doesn't understand how anything works, or that he's been pushed out of the house and the doors are all locked and he's not getting back in. Although "start the process of decertifying the Election...and announce the true winner" is a helluva campaign slogan.

I mean, how many of us are just ready to forget elections altogether and have our leadership appointed based on whoever screams the loudest?

And I'm just gonna add this here, because it's news to me:

Sources in Arizona have said that the state Senate review team was spooked by the possible losses of law licenses looming over Trump's attorneys, as well as stern warnings from the U.S. Department of Justice for possibly using investigative methods that could violate voter intimidation laws. As a result, they have been editing the report drafted by the Senate's lead contractor, Cyber Ninjas, and excising claims and narratives that are speculative rather than factual. This has delayed the report's release until the week of September 20, sources indicated.

Yeah, that's about the "audit" in Arizona, and why the report hasn't come out yet.  There are actually consequences for lies and malfeasance and messing with ballots, and the DOJ and some State Bars and states (depending on jurisdiction) are starting to flex their muscles.  It's a reminder to these clowns that they aren't living in a video game or a movie where they are the bulletproof and invincible action hero.  It's also a reminder Trump doesn't give a shit what happens to them, he wants his victory and he doesn't care what it costs other people for him to get it.  He's not going to get it; not in Arizona, not in Georgia, not anywhere.  He'd have more success petitioning the Supreme Court to declare him Supreme Leader for Life and his progeny heirs to his power and authority in perpetuity.  Fucking with the courts for 60 cases was one thing; now the courts are fucking back.  And Bill Barr isn't running the DOJ anymore, so the law is being followed, not the President's whims.

Elections have consequences.  That rule isn't going to change anytime soon.


Trump is writing the SOS of Georgia because he can't stop the Fulton County DA's investigation into his efforts to change the outcome of the election there before January 6:

"I know that people find that case to be interesting because it was a former sitting president. And that has some historic value. For me, it's not interesting," Willis said recently. "We will put the facts that are learned -- literally, cause I'm old school -- up on a wall, what those facts are. We will put the statutes that we believe those facts could or could not touch. We will see if the elements of a crime are met. If they are, I will present a case to the grand jury. If they're not, then we won't do it."
You can't ask fairer than that.

Everything's connected.

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