Friday, September 17, 2021

Drawing The Line

I just want to point out that Chip Roy doesn't represent a district on the border of Texas. His district is closer to the border of Oklahoma than Mexico. It is a phenomenon I've noticed before, that the further one is from the Texas-Mexico border, the more one is frightened of it.  I've seen it in Texas just as strongly as one sees it in states closer to Canada than Mexico.
Texas is culturally divided by history (not so much by population anymore) into areas that are strongly influenced by Mexico (basically south of Austin to the Rio Grande and out west to El Paso) and areas much less so, like East Texas (western Louisiana, culturally) and Chip Roy's district where, frankly, you used to find some of the worst Tex-Mex in Texas (that's very regional, too; or used to be more so than it is now).  So Mr. Roy is just mouthing for the mouth-breathers who think the border is scary and dangerous. As for this:
I was a Democrat before Chip Roy was a gleam in his pappy's eye.  And my only response to him is:  "Go fuck yourself, asshole."

I'm full bore tired of this shit.  You think I'm what's wrong with this country?  Quit your job now, dickhead.  You aren't fit to hold public office. You aren’t fit to represent the people in your district who didn’t vote for you. It’s of a piece with this:
Except I say: “Viva le revolucion!”

Later that same night:

This is what Roy is talking about. I assume.
Abbott said he was shutting down six points of entry on the border. A few hours later, he said he wasn’t. He blames Biden for his confusion, but Texas DPS says they had a request from CBP to close one entry point. CBP says they have no idea what Abbott is talking about. They also point out Abbott can’t overrule federal law, such as control of international borders.

And this may be playing for the most rabid portions of the Texas GOP base, but it’s not headline news here. Most of us are cleaning up from the tropical storm, waiting for power to come back, trying not to get covid, or worrying about our kids in school without masks. The situation on the border is not top of mind, IOW. Same as it ever was, IOW.

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