Friday, December 17, 2021

And Sure Enough, It Got Worse!

So, let's make it worse for them! Are "Moms for Liberty" afraid to say "Merry Christmas"?

All I can say is (and I know it's a cop-out, but I've fought this fight before, and I'm badly outnumbered):

1) I'm glad my daughter is too old for school, any school (she's almost 30).

2) I'm glad I'll be retiring soon from teaching, because this shit is gonna bubble up to the colleges.

3) I'd be afraid for our country if I didn't know it's seldom been any better than this.  The sad part is how we keep circling this drain, without going down it, or putting a stopper in it.  I guess it's THE AMERICAN WAY! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

"(History, as we know it, has never been taught in public schools.  Read up on actual African American history.  Or Native American history.  Then move to the Asian American histories, and finally the "white" European American histories, especially before they became "white".  Then tell me how much of any of that is taught in any public school in the land.  Or, better, how much of "history as you know it" is utter bullshit.  Start with how Columbus made slaves of the natives the minute he got here.  I have the diaries from his shipmates in my textbook for American literature.  I wonder how much longer we can teach that.)

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  1. I doubt a Sununu has gone into a public school for anything other than to be a total a-hole for at least three generations.

    New Hampshire Republicans are some of the worst, while in the past some of those in Massachusetts were because great, great, great granddad had fought in the Union Army, those in NH have generally been hard core fascists or grifters and hucksters hitching their wagon to them. Same in Maine.

    Yeah. It's going to be bad. I'm not looking forward to the future. I can't remember who it was but back when Punk rock was fairly new someone did a song called Living Through The Fifties One More Time. Only this time it's going to be worse because there ain't no Eisenhower there.